Season 1
Wallpaper leads
Season 1 Cast

Country of Origin


No. of Episodes


Original Channel

Network 10

Original Run

February 27 2004 - August 20 2004


Main CharactersEdit

  • Andre de Vanny as Toby Johnson
  • Bridget Neval as Elizabeth Hawke
  • Benjamin Schmideg as Russell Skinner
  • Saskia Burmeister as Dina Demiris
  • Emma Leonard as Verity McGuire
  • Brook Sykes as Garth King


No. # Title Description
1 1 The Gift Toby and Elizabeth become scientific geniuses, after being zapped by a scientific ray gun, called the MFE. Elizabeth interferes with Toby's first experiment, cloning a T-rex.
2 2 Secrecy Toby tries to prove he is a genius by creating an anti-gravity machine, and fixing it to the school's ride on lawnmower. Elizabeth sabotages Toby's plans to make sure no one finds out they are both geniuses.
3 3 Election Elizabeth and Dina both run for Class Rep. Elizabeth uses anti-friction spray on her competition, putting Dina in a dangerous position.
4 4 Smart Judo Elizabeth teams up with Garth to put some muscle into her plans.
5 5 Hologram Elizabeth frames Dina vandalising Mr Tesslar's car, in the hope she will be demoted as Class Rep.
6 6 Amazon Lab Toby creates an organic growth accelerant for Dina, after Elizabeth makes Dina's hair fall out. The organic growth accelerant results in Dina growing a beard.
7 7 Invisible Car Russ breaks Mr Tesslar's car headlight, so Toby creates some invisibility paint until they can fix the headlight.
8 8 Double Date Toby creates a robot Dina, so she can be on her date with Sean and work her shift at the same time.
9 9
10 10
11 11
12 12
13 13
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15 15
16 16
17 17
18 18
19 19
20 20
21 21
22 22
23 23
24 24
25 25
26 26

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