Season 2

Country of Origin


No. of Episodes


Original Channel

Network 10

Original Run

August 19 2005 - April 6 2006


Main CharactersEdit

  • Andre de Vanny as Toby Johnson
  • Bridget Neval as Elizabeth Hawke
  • Benjamin Schmideg as Russell Skinner
  • Emma Leonard as Verity McGuire
  • Brook Sykes as Garth King
  • Greta Larkins as Sasha Johnson


No. # Title Description
1 1 The Flies A new student arrives at Sandy Bay School, Jack. His only wish is to discover Elizabeth and Toby's secret. Elizabeth has turned Toby's cousin Sasha and Russ into flies.
2 2 Sweet Dreams Elizabeth's experimenting ends up making Sasha's teeth fall out in the bathroom sink. Thinking Garth will leave her as her sidekick Elizabeth causes him to grow breasts until he joins her for good. Will Elizabeth ever learn?
3 3 Superfish When Toby wants to get into the swim team to impress Niki, he makes a formula that makes him swim like a fish. But what will happen when Elizabeth finds out
4 4 Fever After Elizabeth gets a deadly fever from Verity, she must do everything anyone ask when needing help. Soon finding out that she could die she requires Toby's help. Will Toby save her?
5 5 A Friend in Need Toby ruins Niki's project and his friends try to help him win back Niki by impossing as toby and giving her a new one. But Elizabeth notices something is up.
6 6 The Great Dork Russ is convinced he is a loser, so Toby helps by building a time machine so Russ can see his heroic ancestors. But it all goes wrong and Russ is time-swapped with a man from prehistoric times. Will Toby be able to save Russ?
7 7 Close Call Elizabeth is forced to move her gadgets from her lab temporarily. In a mixed turn of events Jack finds them. Now that he is closer than ever to Toby and Elizabeth's secret, what will they do?
8 8 Ring of Confidence After Niki gets criticized by her swimming coach, she tells Toby not to worry about it and says it's a confidence thing. Toby makes her a confidence ring, but when Russ puts it on, he refuses to take it off, until he loses it. Meanwhile, Verity wants to form a cheer squad to help win the swimming championships but keeps getting ignored, until she finds the ring.
9 9 Misty Elizabeth zaps herself and Toby into a virtual reality game. Meanwhile Sasha gets reunited with her childhood horse.
10 10 Catch Me if You Can Toby and Niki finally go on a date, but Elizabeth has a plan for them. Jack sees one of Toby's inventions and tries to get it for himself.
11 11 Koala in the Mist Toby and his friends discover a koala, whilst Garth's stupidity lands the enlarger ray in Jack's hands. By a series of events the koala enlarges and causes havoc across the school in a mist created by Toby? Will Toby and Elizabeth's secret come out? Will Jack act on his suspicions?
12 12 A Day in the Life Sasha and Russ accidentally swap bodies after messing around with one Toby's inventions.They learn to appreciate each other's good qualities.
13 13 A Bolt from the Blue Elizabeth, hung up on Toby, blackmails him to go to the social with her and not Niki, whom he had already been asked by. Although, Elizabeth's blackmail device causes chaos when it falls into Jack's hands and she is forced to tell him their secret.
14 14 The Weakest Link Because no one trusts Jack,he makes sure that Toby and his friends are all distracted so that he can take a peek in Toby's shed. But will he end up regretting this?
15 15 Talk to the Animals Elizabeth's tricks accidentally enable Sasha with extraordinary abilities to communicate with animals Dr. Dolittle style. Sasha uses her new talent to hilariously punish Elizabeth.
16 16 Verity from the Black Lagoon After Verity does an experiment by a lake, the experiment goes wrong and Verity is slowly turning into an amphibious monster.
17 17 The Truth is Out There When Elizabeth goes to any extent to get information out of Russ, Jack finally gets evidence proving they are geniuses. Will he get away with it?
18 18 Air Dog Toby uses his flying machine to help Russ, but doesn't know Jack is watching. Meanwhile, a dog-lover offers to donate money to the school. How will Jack try to blackmail Toby for the genius key this time?
19 19 Crazy for You Elizabeth creates a freaky machine to be her new assistant, but it becomes consumed with the idea that he must protect Elizabeth and soon her safety is in danger.
20 20 Time Loop Angry that Toby and Nikki are together, Elizabeth sticks Toby in a time loop, so he repeats the same day over and over again.
21 21 Underwater Once Mr Woods and Elizabeth are paralyzed by octopus poison, both Toby's side and Elizabeth's companions have to team up together to find an antidote.
22 22 Ghost Girl Elizabeth gets revenge on a famous Hollywood actress who starts attending their school by playing a childish prank.
23 23 Spider Boy Garth's prankster cousin Rodney pays a visit. Whilst staying he manages to not only annoy everyone, but also turn into a half-man half-spider (Spiderboy).
24 24 Meet the Parents Toby has to meet Nikki's parents. But Jack and Elizabeth have teamed up to make it a disaster.
25 25 Jack Makes His Move Elizabeth decides to use Jack to make Toby jealous. All the while Jack is using Elizabeth to find out more information and to steal the disc.
26 26 King Cuddly Still love-struck, Jack talks Elizabeth into making Toby normal again. She agrees and goes off to perform it. While she is out of the way, Jack turns himself into a genius. Will Toby come to her rescue when she's held by a giant koala?